March 29, 2022

CBD Baths — Benefits & More

A lot of people are curious about CBD baths. They want to know if CBD baths are worth it or if they’re “all wet.” Understandable when your bare bod and bucks are on the line.

In this post, we'll dip our toes into what CBD baths are and how they might help you. We'll also touch on popular CBD bath products — like CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts — that you can buy or make yourself at home.

Alright, time to dunk into this!

What Are CBD Baths?

Water, water everywhere but not a single drop to drink. That’s because you’re soaking in it, bud! With the bonus of CBD oil.

Yup, CBD baths are simply a way of taking your bath — normally a 6 or 7 on the Aahhh! Scale — to an 11 (out of 10). All you’re doing is bringing some form of CBD into the watery mix to heighten the experience.

How To CBD-ify Your Bath

There’s a mind-blowing array of ways to make your bath time so much fun. None involve a rubber duckie, per se, but you can toss one in for good measure if you wish.

CBD Oil Bath Products Galore

First, let’s talk CBD bath products. It’s not hard to lay your hands on:

  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD bath salts
  • CBD bath oils
  • CBD bubble bath
  • CBD oil sugar scrub

Pretty much, there’s a CBD-infused version of any regular (non-infused) bath product you can think of.

If you’re the “I make mine from scratch like I’m a frontiersperson” type, have at it. Check out our Trending DIY CBD-Infused Bath & Beauty Products (Plus How To Make Them) and 5 Easy CBD Beauty Recipes For A Healthy Glowposts for some great ideas, info, and recipes.

You can also go super low-key and just use some CBD drops into your tub. CBD tinctures are so darn versatile and convenient!

Using Your CBD-Infused Bath Goodies

Once you’ve settled on the CBD products that you're going to use, you'll want to incorporate them into your bath in the best way possible.

For products you've purchased we recommend following the package instructions. There should be guidance on how to best use the product — somewhere on the box, wrapper, or insert it should say something like Suggested Use, Directions, How To Use, etc. Do that, do what it says.

Similarly, if you made your own CBD-infused bath goods, the instructions you followed probably also include directions for use.

If you’re taking the no-maintenance route (i.e., using the CBD oil drops you’ve got in the cupboard already), just squirt a dropperful in the tub after you’ve filled it with water.

Pro Tip: Short on time? Why not try just soaking your tootsies? Your feet will thank you and the relaxation and good vibes are bound to spread beyond you tired, achy dogs.

Complementary Bathtime Doses (aka More CBD Options)

Let’s say you’re craving an even more blissful bedonkadunk…. (We totally get it!)

How might you go about leveling up your bathing experience? Here are some not-wishy-washy ideas to consider:

  • Layer in other forms of CBD, like a CBD softgel.
  • Layer in a dose of D8, like a delta-8 gummy.
  • Add essential oil to the bathwater, like calming lavender or refreshing peppermint.
  • Enjoy a soothing cup of herbal tea or decadent cocktail (Everyday is champagne-worthy!) while soaking. (Just be sure to do so responsibly.) You can add CBD to your beverage as well, just sayin’.
  • Go the whole nine yards with candles, music, soft lighting, a good read, a companion….

If incorporating more CBD or delta-8 into your tub time, be sure to check out our guides: Layering CBD: How To Do It Safely & Effectivelyand Delta-8 & CBD Together: A Dynamic Duo.

CBD Baths Benefits

Beyond seeming kewl because you’ve hopped on a trend that’s going gangbusters, it’s nice to know that CBD baths have plenty of potential wellness benefits.

The research on CBD baths and CBD bath products specifically is scarce. But, we can look at what the general research on CBD tells us. And there’s a bit more of that available to us to examine.

Here’s what the studies and experts have found to be the rewards of adding CBD to your suds and soak:(1,2,3)

  1. It’s awesome for the skin. CBD may moisturize and heal the skin as well as help regulate oil production (which could help control acne). It’s also fierce against itchy, red, and flakey skin.
  2. It’s infection-fighting.Being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, CBD may help neutralize any illness-causing microbes on your skin.
  3. It’s calming AH. Inhaling the CBD vapor arising from your bathwater can lower feelings of fear and anxiety, leaving you more relaxed. Settling down may be just what ya need to lift your mood!
  4. It’s an anti-inflammatory in turbo mode. Heat amps up CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, which is good news for those with concerns like eczema or pain.
  5. It’s soothing to your muscles. The CBD and the heat are tough on tight, sore muscles.
  6. It’s an efficient way to treat your whole body to topical CBD. With CBD dispersed throughout the water, it’s exposed to head-to-toe skin.
  7. It may improve your sleep. Both the CBD and the warm water are to thank for this effect. Both can get you super chillaxed and may support your circadian rhythm.

Many of these perks are amplified if you’re also adding Epsom salts to your bathwater. CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts feature this all-natural magnesium-containing ingredient — but you can add ES straight-up, too. (It’s easy to find at stores.)

Getting The Most Bubble For Your Buck

CBD baths are a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. Affordable and easy, CBD-infused tub time can be a great choice for anyone looking for a way to unwind, ease stiff or sore muscles, and or elevate his or her personal pampering routine.

CBD bath products are readily available today. You can also DIY your CBD oil bath goodies — there are loads of recipes, kits, and instructions to be found. Either way, go in for high-quality CBD-infused bathing items with mind-body nurturing ingredients.



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