What are the benefits of CBD? Pure Craft CBD Gummies
The Benefits of CBD by Pure Craft CBD Oil

Nano-Optimized - For up to 90% absorption vs. 18% with all other leading brands. This means more for less $$

Broad Spectrum CBD - For a broad range of active cannabinoids with 0% THC

USA non GMO, organically grown hemp

Solventless Co2 whole plant extraction process. To ensure the most abundant, broadest, highest quality Cannabinoids.

Manufactured in our cGMP, FDA Registered lab

In House & 3rd Party Lab Tested For consistent, transparent results

CBD products are legal, federally, if they contain less than 0.03% THC. CBD products are illegal federally if they are derived from the marijuana plant and contain greater than 0.03% THC federal allowance.

Federally, marijuana is still illegal. However, certain states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, South Dakota, Vermont and Illinois.

As of 2020, 47 states have legalized hemp-derived CBD for medical and recreational use. That means 94% of the US can purchase and utilize hemp-derived CBD products.

The Farm Bill that passed in December 2018 declared it federally legal to produce, purchase, and use cannabidiol (CBD) under certain requirements and regulations, if again, hemp-derived.

The FDA has not yet legalized cannabis, but they have allowed researchers to conduct further CBD studies and trials into the various effects of the cannabis plant

Why Choose Pure Craft for Your CBD Needs?

When it comes to food, organic and all-natural products are the best choice for our bodies. Pure Craft feels the same way about CBD products.

All of our products adhere to our seed-to-sale philosophy. They are free from binders, fillers, dyes, and other unknown substances. Instead, we focus on organic farming and in-house testing to ensure top-quality.

Pure CBD gummies

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. From CBD oil 3000mg to topical creams, we offer a wide variety of premium CBD products for people and their pets.

Pure CBD gummies
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